UC Santa Barbara

July 9th-12th, 2018


Please note the following FAQs do not relate to the Sustainability Champion Awards.

Can I email my application in?
Can I self-nominate? In other words, can I nominate a project that I worked on?
When are the nomination forms due?
Will the submittal deadline be extended?
Who selects the winners?
Can I nominate the same project in multiple categories?
I would like to have an opportunity to present at the conference, even if I am not selected as an award winner. Will you consider my award application or do I also need to respond to the Call for Proposals for speaking?
What is the Timeline?
I don't work for a campus, but I worked with a campus on a project and would like to submit a nomination, can I do so?
I read the FAQs and still have questions. What should I do?