UC Santa Barbara

April 28th - May 1st, 2021: Climate Justice Symposium for Transforming Education; July 2021 CHESC

The Region

Once again, the California Higher Education Sustainability Conference will be taking place in sunny Santa Barbara. In 1969, Santa Barbara experienced the worst oil spill in U.S. history up to that time. Until that point, the world of academia had not yet realized that it overlooked a very important aspect of educating students on how to care, respect, and develop a framework to protect our fragile world. As a response, the Environmental Studies Program at UCSB was created just a year later. Ever since, the Program holds true to its goal of a comprehensive approach to education while simultaneously evolving and adapting to meet the challenges of an ever changing world.

Likewise, the city of Santa Barbara’s commitment to the environment is evident in its Sustainability Program. This program consists of the coordination of various environmental projects, plans, and initiatives with the City organization and community. Numerous programs and services are offered to residents and businesses to conserve energy, prevent waste, and protect natural resources. Through facility improvements and internal policies, the City organization is committed to protecting and enhancing the environment in daily operations. 

Located right on the coast, Santa Barbara offers ideal weather and views as it lies between the Channel Islands and Santa Ynez mountains. The abundant natural beauty in Santa Barbara makes it the perfect location for this year’s sustainability conference, and likewise a great vacation spot. Its geographic location and agriculture make it a prosperous area for vineyards and wine tasting. The Funk zone, historic El Paseo, and East Beach, are a few of the many attractions that Santa Barbara has to offer. Travel here with your family or friends the weekend before, enjoy the city, and then stay for the conference. 

We look forward to hosting you!