UC Santa Barbara

April 28th - May 1st, 2021: Climate Justice Symposium for Transforming Education; July 2021 CHESC

Accepted Submissions

The following list of proposals have been accepted.  Please note that some proposals are still being considered.  If your proposal is not listed here, it does not necessarily mean that it was declined:

591-24125 Bringing Demonstration Kitchens to Campus
591-24377 WattTime: Energy Management to Support Clean Energy Future in California
591-24390 When Free Stuff Leads to Less Stuff: Campus Reuse Depot
591-24397 CSU Dominquez Hills Welch Hall Duct Cleaning MBCx
591-24401 EV Charging: Prioritizing Campus Affiliates
591-24402 Slicing the Water Conservation Pie
591-24422 CSUF Commuter Choice Programs: Supporting Sustainable Commutes by Campus Employees
591-24435 Serving Up Extreme Local Theme Meals in Resident Dining Halls
591-24436 Water Conservation: What Makes Cents?
591-24444 Food Riders of OCC, Six Years of Prepared Food Rescue
591-24465 Las Positas College Smart Microgrid and Advanced Energy Storage Project
591-24467 Researchers Inspire Berkeley Lab’s Rethink Waste 2.0
591-24489 Designing and Building Sustainable Mobility Solutions: Student Led EcoCAR Vehicles
591-24518 Student Move-Out Waste Diversion: ReCoop at Pomona College
591-24535 A Collaborative Approach to Supplier Sustainability Scorecards
591-24561 Scaling Applied Learning for Sustainability Programs
591-24574 University of California Climate Champions Present!
591-24576 2016 CA Energy Code Changes, a Step Closer to ZNE
591-24578 Consultancy as Cross-Campus Collaboration: UC Merced’s Student-Driven LEED Lab Course
591-24586 Solar Decathlon 2015: Building a Sustainable Future as a Team
591-24592 Building a life Cycle Budgeting Tool
591-24597 UCSC Climate & Energy Strategy: A Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality
591-24598 Cultivating Behavior Change: Sustainability and Staff Engagement in Student Housing
591-24600 Using Transportation Surveys to Understand Trends in Travel Behavior
591-24602 Close the Loop! – Minimizing Single-Pass Cooling in Laboratories
591-24603 Deep Savings From Monitoring Based Commissioning
591-24609 Fuel Cells 101: Mobile and Stationary Power Applications
591-24612 Cal Poly’s Landscape Efforts in Response to California’s Water Crisis
591-24616 Overcoming Utility and Integration Challenges to Build the UC Davis Solar Farm
591-24619 Developing an interdisciplinary experiential sustainability capstone course
591-24622 The Urban Agriculture Community-based Research Experience (U-ACRE) Project
591-24623 Sustainability Blitz 2.0 – College Sustainability Education and Project-Based Learning
591-24629 Towards Zero Waste in the CSU East Bay Dining Commons
591-24631 Implementing the CSU Sustainable Food Policy
591-24632 Industry Strategies for Food System Change
591-24639 Dive In! How to Create a Comprehensive Water Efficiency Program
591-24641 Campus-scale Water Stewardship: What Higher Ed Can Learn from Airports
591-24644 Carsharing Impacts on College Market Users
591-24646 CSUN’s Plan for Carbon Neutrality
591-24648 UCSB Edible Campus Program – Reimagining Underutilized Spaces
591-24650 Cool Campus Challenge-10 Campuses, 1 Goal, Carbon Neutral by 2025
591-24652 Scaling Energy Management to Fight Climate Change Using ISO 50001
591-24654 Gillmor Academic Center; Transformational Change through a Sustainable Commitment
591-24656 GFI –Facilitating Smaller Growers Ability to do Business with UC
591-24657 Transforming occupants into a low-cost and high accuracy sensor system
591-24658 Tiny House In My Backyard
591-24661 Our Perceived Parking Problem
591-24664 The Future of Green Labs
591-24666 Integrating Sustainability Principles in the Design Classroom: Art History/LEED
591-24667 Carbon Pricing at an Institutional Level to Achieve Carbon Neutrality
591-24671 Compost Happens At the USU
591-24675 Healthy food on campus: Supporting policy discussions
591-24677 Innovative Energy Practices within the California Community College System
591-24679 Vision Carbon Neutral: learning from collaborative planning on UC campuses
591-24683 UCI Costa Rica Global Sustainability and Cultural Immersion Program
591-24687 Green Labs: Quantifying Success
591-24688 Engaging Students in Sustainability Leadership
591-24689 Integrating course content across a sustainability GE Pathway
591-24692 Sharing Sustainability Stories through Student Filmmaking
591-24693 Leveraging faculty expertise to embed climate change across disciplines
591-24694 Living Lab and Sustainable Cities integrated within a course sequence
591-24695 Teaching energy the way I never learned it in school
591-24697 Energy Efficient Options for Drosophila Incubation
591-24701 Compost Pilot Program in Multi-Resident Apartment
591-24702 Kitchen Projects: a Big Dishroom Retrofit and Small Refrigeration Upgrade
591-24721 Central Plant Cooling Tower Blowdown Reverse Osmosis
591-24778 Continuous commissioning using building data analytics at UCSB
591-24810 Large Campus Bicycle Education Events with Verifiable Results
591-24882 Building a Successful Coalition of Student Activists
591-24939 A collaborative platform to achieve campus sustainability and energy goals
591-24946 Estimating the impact of climate change education on carbon emissions
591-24949 Statewide Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station Program
591-25000 Integrating Sustainable Nanotechnology into STEM Curriculum at California Polytechnic State University
591-25007 Presidential Initiative Shines Savings for Data Centers
591-25010 Water Resources and Policy Initiatives, CSU Campus Water Use Calculations
591-25024 The UCI Garden Project: Promoting Sustainable Urban Gardening
591-25049 Building Bridges – Environmental and Social Aspects of Sustainability
591-25057 Exploring Equitable Sustainable Urban Food Systems through Community-Based Research
591-25060 The Bad, The Ugly & Lessons Learned- LEED Group Certification