UC Santa Barbara

July 9th-12th, 2018

Climate Action

The Climate Action committee is excited to review this year’s proposals, we hope to see campus and statewide efforts in reaching Carbon Neutrality. We are looking forward to seeing new projects as well as the progression of past projects, and how they have adapted to changing conditions. We are eager to see how other topic areas are working to help mitigate climate change. Specific topics we are interested in, but not confined to:

  • How to address climate denial in Washington: speaking proactively and positively in the recent presidential election
  • Carbon neutrality plans
  • How to effectively use science in policy conversations that evolve quickly
  • Climate action curriculum and literacy
  • Protocols and methodologies on reporting emissions
  • How to procure more renewables
  • Transition to fossil free energy: collaboration with energy managers
  • Carbon offsets: ways to purchase and types
    • Offsets as a strategy for neutrality
  • Climate Justice

Speaker Selection Criteria

Proposal Evaluation Criteria

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