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April 28th - May 1st, 2021: Climate Justice Symposium for Transforming Education; July 2021 CHESC

Institutionalizing Sustainability

The CHESC Institutionalizing Sustainability Committee is excited to review proposals for the 2018 annual conference. We are looking for students, staff, and faculty from colleges and universities all over California. With a focus on broad scale change, and ways that sustainable practices can be implemented systemwide and statewide, we are eager to see interactive presentations. We look forward to new projects as well as the progression of past projects, and how they have adapted to changing conditions. We hope to see how sustainable practices are implemented with the support and participation from multiple stakeholders.

Specific topics we are interested in, but not confined to:

  • Monetizing the value of work and reporting processes

    • Evaluating and reporting on the impacts of sustainability programs (including monetary, quantitative, and qualitative assessments) that have demonstrated financial and staff time savings for the university 
    • Methods for connecting to the core mission of the university and demonstrating that to potential partners
  • Sustainability ratings programs such as STARS, Sierra Club, Princeton Review, and the University of Indonesia Green Metric program.
  • Longer-term funding strategies for supporting staff
  • Culture change and behavior change
  • Staffing structures for sustainability offices
  • Ways to transition pilot programs into ongoing established efforts
    • developed innovative financial models, especially for ongoing operational costs
  • Community partnership development, coalition building, broad based collaborations
  • Communication strategies, especially data-driven efforts
  • Broad campuswide, statewide, or systemwide planning efforts that include multiple other topic areas
  • Sustainability certification programs for offices, laboratories, and events

Please note that the institutionalizing sustainability topic area is the topic area that is most often misinterpreted by applicants. A good rule of thumb is that is you are proposing something that easily fits into one other topic area, it is likely not a good fit for the institutionalizing sustainability topic area.  In this topic area, we seek proposals that stretch across multiple other categories.

For more information on application instructions, presentation styles, and the review process, please visit our overall call for proposals page.

Proposals will be evaluated based on the proposal evaluation criteria, the speaker selection guidelines, relationship to the conference theme “data-driven change and engagement”, and with consideration of the areas of interest above. You may also find it helpful to see what topics we covered at our last conference on our 2019 Concurrent Sessions page. Please click “Institutionalizing Sustainability” on the left hand side of the screen to see the institutionalizing sustainability related sessions at last year’s conference.

Please also consider applying for a best practice award in off-campus partnerships & engagement, multi-campus partnerships & engagement, data-driven communications campaigns, large-scale planning, or one of our other categories this year.  Several new award categories have been added! You can learn more at our overall best practice awards program page and on the page highlighting the updated award categories.  You may apply for both a best practice award as well as the call for proposals for speaking. Some of the questions are intentionally the same to allow for some of the answers to be copied and pasted from the call for proposals for speaking.  Different committees review the call for proposals for speaking and the best practice awards and so it is important to apply for both if you want to be considered for both.