UC Santa Barbara

July 9th-12th, 2018

Pre- and Post-Conference Workshops, 2018

The CHESC Steering committee is currently accepting proposals for pre- and post-conference workshops.  These workshops are meant to allow for deeper exploration of topics, dialogue among stakeholders, strategic planning, and/or the type of skill building which is not possible during the shorter sessions of the main conference.  Pre- and post-conference workshops are typically either a half day or a full day.   

Dates and times:

These workshops occur either the Monday before the conference begins (July 9th, 2018) or Thursday after the conference closing (July 12th, 2018).  Monday half day workshops are typically in the afternoon and Thursday half day workshops are typically in the morning.

On rare exceptions we will approve a two day pre- or post-conference workshop on July 11th, 2018 or July 13th, 2018, but workshop hosts should be forewarned that workshops hosted this far before or after the conference have historically had trouble with attendance and we recommend sticking with July 9th or 12th.  Housing options will also be more limited for workshops further in advance or after the conference.


Please contact Katie Maynard to inquire about hosting.