UC Santa Barbara

July 7th – 10th, 2020

Fee Waiver for Non-Students

The California Higher Education Sustainability Conference is dedicated to ensuring that the conference is accessible to all that want to attend.  The registration and/or housing waiver form is designed to support staff, faculty, non-profit, government, and community members whose campus or institution cannot fund them to attend the conference. decisions in the Fee Waiver Program are based on the home institution’s ability to fund the registration and not the individual’s ability to pay.

Funds from this program can cover registration and/or on-campus housing in the residence halls. Transportation and per diem costs cannot be covered via this program.  Carpools are available from most areas of California.

This program funds individuals who:

  • Have made an effort to seek funding from at least one other source (please see our funding toolkit for staff and faculty or our community fundraising toolkit for off-campus partners)
  • Whose campus or institution will not financially support them to attend the conference; and
  • Who will grow professionally by attending the conference.

Please note that we cannot waive or reduce an applicant’s fee (beyond the speakers’ discount) solely because an applicant to the fee waiver program is speaking and/or only planning to attend a small portion of the event. Please do not use this as a reason in your application.

How to Apply

Please do not register and pay while you are waiting for a response on a fee waiver. If you will attend even without the support, register and choose “check” as the payment option. If you pay by credit card and we then waive your fee, we have to account for the credit card processing fees both for the initial purchase and the potential refund.  Please note that once you submit a fee waiver the rates available at the time of your waiver submittal are frozen until you get a response.

Please fill out the Registration and/or Housing Waiver form and email to We will respond with an answer within one month, usually less time. If you are not accepted for financial assistance, you will be granted the registration rate that was available on the day you submitted your financial assistance form.