UC Santa Barbara

April 28th - May 1st, 2021: Climate Justice Symposium for Transforming Education; July 2021 CHESC


When thinking about the cost of attending the conference. You may want to consider, these factors:

  1. Registration. Student registration at the early-bird rate is $159 for the full conference.  You can reduce this by volunteering to $45 (early-bird rates) or by registering for a one day instead of a full conference pass. All the rates are on the registration page.  Please also note that there is a service fee in the registration system of $10.00.
  2. Pre- and Post- Conference: Consider whether you want to attend any workshops or field trips on Monday or Thursday. Here are the links for pre-conference workshops, pre-conference field trips, post-conference workshops, and post-conference field trips.  These are all additional to the regular full conference registration fee. We recommend the student convergence on Thursday at $30.
  3. Housing:You can read about all the housing options on our accommodations page. The on-campus housing is a steal at $59 for most nights and $44 on Tuesday.  This also comes with breakfast every morning and dinner all nights except Tuesday (when dinner is included in conference registration).  You could also split a hotel room.  If you get two beds and put 2-4 people in the room, it is pretty affordable.  Be careful to make sure to add hotel taxes when you make the calculations though! Also, the Marriott does not include breakfast or dinner, so your meal costs will increase. The Holiday Inn offers free breakfast, but dinner is on your own.
  4. Meals: If you stay on campus, most meals should be covered.  For a full detail on which meals you might have to cover on your own, please see our meals page.
  5. Travel: The cheapest way for students to get to CHESC is to hitch a ride with some of the staff or faculty attending from your campus. They are probably already getting reimbursed for their travel and you can carpool for free.  If you need help identifying potential carpools, please contact Katie Maynard  The train is also a great option for southern California folks.  Please read more about that on the train page. Parking on campus is free this year if you drive.

Given some variability depending on the options that you choose above, it will cost $361 for most students to attend (includes: Registration ($159), Service Fee ($10), Convergence ($30), Housing (Mon, Tues, and Wed: $162)) plus whatever you need for transportation.  Given this cost, most students get financial support to attend.  Read below to hear more about those options.

There are many opportunities for students to be supported to attend this conference.  Please consider seeking support from one or more of the following groups to support your conference attendance:

  • Student government
  • Student funded sustainability fund such as a Green Initiative Fund 
  • The department that you are majoring in: Here is an example letter that you could use to write to your department chair. Make sure to frame the conference around how it relates to your academic work and specifically to your major.  If you need assistance with that, please contact the CHESC staff at:  If you are speaking, make sure to emphasize that.
  • Your campus sustainability office: If you are a Junior or younger, emphasis how you might be able to apply what you learn on campus to support the mission of the campus sustainability office in the next year.  If you don’t know who your campus sustainability office contacts are, please email us and we can let you know:
  • A local rotary, key, or kiwanis club 
  • Through a crowd funding site: Here is an example crowd funding post you could use. Share this with friends and family and start with small asks.  If 18 people give you $20, you will have enough to cover registration, the convergence, and housing!

When making funding requests, make sure to emphasis how sending you to the conference will relate to the mission of the group that you are applying for funding from.  Consider if there is a way that you could share what you learn with the group when you return.

If none of these opportunities work out, please consider volunteering.  This will reduce your registration fee by over $100!

CHESC also offers a scholarship fund for students.  As long as you have made at least one effort to ask for funding from one or the above or another source, you will have very good chances of getting a scholarship. This can cover housing on-campus and registration.  It cannot cover transportation or meals (though most meals are already included).