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April 28th - May 1st, 2021: Climate Justice Symposium for Transforming Education; July 2021 CHESC

2018 Sponsors & Exhibitors

Silver Sponsors


The Yardi® Smart Energy Suite includes mobile-enabled energy management solutions for managing costs, consumption and sustainability initiatives.  Property owners and managers can gain new insight into a portfolio’s energy consumption with solutions for utility expense analytics, automated utility payables processing, resident and tenant billing, expense management, HVAC optimization, and more.  The suite also reduces risk and ensures budget certainty with competitive pricing via negotiated power contracts.  The Yardi Smart Energy Suite fits multiple portfolio types including residential and commercial.

Green Sponsors

Office Depot

Office Depot, Inc. is a leading provider of products, services, and solutions for Colleges and Universities.  Our combined resources allow us to deliver additional value to Higher Education purchasing: more cost-effective products, a wider set of services, the latest technology, furniture, technology and print management tools. Office Depot also provides a range of industry-leading solutions to support campus sustainability initiatives including greener purchasing programs, STARS and Zero Waste efforts.



SunPower is a global solar technology and energy services provider who puts customers in control of their electricity costs. Educational institutions rely on the company’s 30 years of experience and guaranteed performance to provide maximum return on investment throughout the life of their SunPower® solar system. By offering schools a complete solar solution and a commitment to educating the leaders of tomorrow, SunPower is changing the way our world is powered.

Community Sponsors

All-Phase Electric Supply

Full-Line electrical and lighting distributor. Emphasizing energy efficiency through our new partnership in the Million Lamp Challenge.



Calsense contributes to a sustainable future by helping customers conserve water, manage labor, and save money. Committed to customer success, we deliver high-quality products backed by pre- and post-sales support recognized industry-wide.  As specialists in government landscape applications, Calsense has remained dedicated to water efficiency for over 30 years by providing weather-based irrigation solutions, flow monitoring, soil moisture sensing, and managing water budgets. As a WaterSense partner, Calsense shares in the EPA’s vision to protect and preserve the nation’s water supply.



At ecoGrounds, we say “consciously great coffee” because quality comes from attention to detail. We invest in certified coffees and teas, responsible sourcing and better business practices because they make a difference for our trading partners and our environment, today and tomorrow.

Most important, we’re fanatics about roasting and processing, so that the great beans we source become great tasting coffee in your cup.

Edison Energy

Edison Energy is the expert independent advisor for large energy users, delivering comprehensive, data-driven and integrated energy solutions. We provide comprehensive energy portfolio management with specialized delivery services in analytics, renewables and sustainability, supply solutions, and demand solutions, serving large-scale commercial and industrial market leaders facing an increasingly complex energy environment.

Enpowered Solutions 

Enpowered Solutions is one of California’s leading energy efficiency, commissioning, and renewable energy firms supporting the higher education community in achieving achieve its carbon neutrality and sustainability goals. We partner with our clients using a consultative, vendor-agnostic approach, allowing us to consider the most appropriate technologies and solutions based on our clients’ specific needs.

Envision Solar





Envision Solar is a sustainable technology innovation company whose unique, patented, renewably energized, transportable and rapidly deployed EV charging products allow EV owners to drive on sunshine. Based in San Diego the company employs combat veterans, disabled workers, minorities and other fine contributors to produce Made in America products.

Tork, an Essity brand

Essity is a global hygiene and health company dedicated to improving well-being through our innovative products and solutions, essential necessities for everyday life. Essity is the maker of the leading global brand, Tork Professional Hygiene. Our objective is to develop solutions that contribute toward and drive a more sustainable and circular society and to offer efficient reuse, recycling or composting of our products, which reduces consumer waste.

UC/CSU/Utility Energy Efficiency Partnership

The UC/CSU/Utility Energy Efficiency Partnership is a unique, statewide program which includes California’s four investor-owned utilities, Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), Southern California Edison (SCE), Southern California Gas Company (SCG), and San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG&E), as well as the LA Department of Water and Power (LADWP), in partnership with the University of California (UC) and the California State University (CSU). The program provides financial incentives and project support for energy efficiency improvements on the 33 campuses participating.

Waxie Sanitary Supply


WAXIE Sanitary Supply: We have been the experts in clean since 1945. WAXIE’s GPS® Green Partner Support™ Program guides you to more sustainable cleaning solutions which can help you reach your overall building occupant wellness, sustainability and budgetary goals. With Inventory Centers throughout California, a CHESS-compliant procurement contract, and LEED® Accredited Professionals on staff, WAXIE can assist in implementing green cleaning solutions that can contribute to cleaner, healthier, and safer learning environments for your campus facilities.





OZZI is a revolutionary new system that eliminates traditional disposable take-out containers for all segments of the foodservice industry by utilizing enhanced technology. OZZI is designed for college and university campus dining centers as well as all facets of business and industry, healthcare, hotels, restaurants, food courts, supermarkets, quick service, sports, and entertainment venues. Wherever food and beverages are served “to-go” in paper, plastic, and foam containers, OZZI is making a difference. Our goal is to change the world one meal at a time by switching from disposable food containers to reusable food containers!

Busch Systems



Busch Systems has been a prominent designer and retailer of recycling, waste and composting containers for over 30 years, leading the way with an innovative and constantly expanding catalogue.  As part of their commitment to the environment, all products are 100% recyclable and proudly made in North America. Busch Systems is also the creator of the Resource Center, a ground-breaking recycling and waste collection analytics software application.






BYD is the world’s largest manufacturer of electric vehicles. Specializing in battery technologies, BYD’s mission is to solve our global energy challenge of reducing dependence on fossil fuels with clean, zero-emission vehicles and take transportation off the grid. This model has made BYD an industry pioneer and leader in several high-tech sectors including high-efficiency automobiles, electrified public transportation and medium- and heavy-duty trucks, electric forklifts, energy storage, and solar power generation.

CHK America

Connecting your community and increasing safety on campus with digital signage that is green, easy to read and use.  CHK America offers solar-powered two-way emergency phones, smart lighting, Interactive Kiosks and Connectpoint® digital signage. Based in Goleta, CA, CHK America is the industry leader with the expertise and experience to help you deploy sustainable customer information on campus.  Visit our booth to learn more about how you can connect everyone on campus by deploying solar-powered digital signage.

CleanRiver Recycling Solutions



CleanRiver Recycling Solutions is a leading manufacturer of recycling bins. Creating less waste is our passion. Creating effective recycling bins is our purpose. CleanRiver has moved beyond the familiar ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ towards a more environmentally sustainable approach called the 3C’s of recycling: Culture, Communication and Collection. As partners, we will ensure that your recycling program has a positive impact on both the environment and your bottom line.

The Collegiate Bicycle Company





The Collegiate Bicycle Company has been providing University and campus bicycle solutions since 2008.  Our goal is to provide a custom bike share program tailored to the unique needs of each University.  At the core, we make fun, classic bikes that are a perfect fit for students, family, alumni, and devoted fans.  We have provided bicycles for over 50 Universities across the country and provide many bicycle share solutions to meet your needs.

Cornerstone Global

Based in New York City, Cornerstone Global has been involved in Global Security, Supply Chain Management and Energy Efficiencies for the last twenty-five years. The last thirty-six months they have overseen projects involving specifying, global security, financing, construction, glazing and energy savings measures at over fifty major universities, airports, commercial real estate, retail as well as several major hoteliers. Working as the intermediary between engineering, architecture, contractor and ESM manufactures and facility operations. Window films, surface coatings, LED lighting, eTemp and more…


Ecomedes is a marketplace and software platform for the real estate, design and construction industries. We simplify product selection and purchasing decisions by connecting buyers and suppliers. Our marketplace features the largest curated collection of high-performance products that save owners and operators money through reductions in energy, water and maintenance costs. Our platform also helps create healthier more productive buildings for occupants and the planet.

EcoVox Inc

EcoVox is a full-service energy analytics company specializing in energy information systems and visualization solutions for the higher-education and commercial markets. EcoVox deploys both cloud-hosted and on-premise installations of SkySpark along with turn-key setup of fault detection and analytics. They also provide facility monitoring services, connected building commissioning/MBCx, as well as data dashboards. Their suite of SkySpark offerings includes apps for manual meter reads, tenant billing and recharge, in addition to energy management tools, utility tariff comparisons, and greenhouse gas tracking.

Fisher Scientific



Fisher Scientific provides a complete portfolio of laboratory equipment, chemicals, supplies, and services used in scientific research, safety, healthcare, and education.

get juice




Juice is the network of shareable batteries for mobile device users on education campuses.





HOPR focuses on serving trips under five miles with shared two-wheel vehicles such as smart bikes, electric bikes and scooters. HOPR also makes longer trips more accessible through the HOPR app, which allows users to unlock bikes and access complementary transit such as four-wheel ride share, carshare, public trains and buses, providing a complete multi-modal solution within a single platform.


Interface, Inc. is the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial carpet tile and is setting the pace for development of modular carpet using materials and processes that take less from the environment. At Interface we’re convinced a fundamental change needs to happen in our global response to climate change. We need to stop just thinking about how to limit the damage caused by climate change and start thinking about how to create a climate fit for life.

Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls logo

“Helping students achieve and campuses thrive. First impressions make a major impact on student recruitment. 65% of first-year students choose a college based on the campus appearance and its perceived maintenance. Creating a quality learning and living environment for students is more critical than ever. Johnson Controls provides building systems, equipment, battery storage, and performance infrastructure solutions. We help colleges and universities improve everything from comfort and security to sustainable design and emerging technologies”.

Landmark Studio & Design

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle used to be an old adage, but has grown into a social responsibility. Landmark Studio & Design is helping shift the paradigm by creating solutions for those seeking sustainability in the commercial and hospitality industries with our quality crafted, custom waste and recycling bins plus our extensive line of personalized site furnishings. Our products are made with post-consumer and sustainable material options that are GreenCircle Certified and can quickly put you on the path to sustainability.

LCI Industries

With our Zero Landfill Mattress Recycling Program and closed-loop production process, the Somnum® mattress line by Lippert Components is providing an innovative way to help eliminate waste on college campuses. The EnviroSpring™, our 100% recyclable mattress, provides a unique mattress recycling solution that promises more than just recycling your collegiate mattress. We promise that no piece of your EnviroSpring™ mattress will ever end up in a landfill. When 20 million mattresses are thrown away every year – where will your mattress end up?


At Max-R we believe that your waste & recycling program deserves more than just a blue bin. It deserves a bin that’s going to meet all of your functional needs, aesthetic requirements, and brand standards. As the innovator of the customized waste & recycling bin, we’ll partner with you to create a bin that is not only specific to your waste streams, custodial needs, and design requirements but one that will increase awareness of your sustainability program and goals.

Mohawk Group

As the leading producer and distributor of commercial flooring, Mohawk Group believes that better floor coverings emerge from better sustainability, design, innovation, project solutions and operational excellence. We support the ideals and goals of the most respected and ambitious sustainability organizations. As a division of Mohawk Industries, we have a heritage of craftsmanship that spans more than 130 years. We address the unique challenges and opportunities in contract interiors with a comprehensive carpet and hard surface portfolio of all types and price points.

The New York Times



The New York Times is a global media organization dedicated to helping people understand the world through unrivaled, on-the-ground, expert and deeply reported independent journalism.

ofo Bikeshare





Founded in 2014 and based in Beijing, China, ofo is the world’s first and largest station-free bike sharing platform. ofo is committed to providing the best short distance transportation solution, solving the “last mile” transportation problem by turning the last mile into a green, low-emission trip. To date, ofo has connected more than 10 million bikes to over 200 million users in more than 21 countries. The platform generates more than 32 million daily transactions and has provided global users in 250+ cities with over 6 billion efficient, convenient, green rides.

Pacific Interlock Pavingstone

Pacific Interlock Pavingstone

Developers of patented Hydro-Flo ™ Technology Pavers: the only known concrete pavers with 100% surface permeability. It’s stronger than poured concrete, lower maintenance than asphalt, and 100% ADA compliant. It also eliminates standing water in problem drainage areas, conserves water resources by reducing runoff, controlling erosion, and returning rainwater to ground aquifers.

Polaris Industries





GEM (Global Electric Motorcar) is a fully electric, street-legal, low-speed vehicle. This means it is full of the types of safety features you would expect from an over-the-road vehicle, but that are not available in a golf cart. GEM is less expensive to purchase, operate, and maintain than a sedan, truck, or van and it is designed for customization to accommodate the needs of a wide variety of college & university departments and their transportation and cargo needs.

Shaw Contract


Shaw Contract is a global design leader, manufacturing high-performance cradle-to-cradle flooring products ideal for any learning environment. We believe design goes beyond aesthetics. Our education studio focuses on the needs of students, teachers and maintenance experts, designing flooring solutions for maximum comfort, ease of maintenance, durability and performance. Shaw Contract’s EcoWorx carpet tiles are completely recyclable and PVC-free, making product reclamation and recycling easy and allowing customers to reduce their environmental impact.


Sigler has been a leading HVAC equipment and controls provider for the Greater Southwestern United States since 1970. We are the systems solutions expert for Carrier brand unitary, applied and ancillary products. Additionally, we represent manufacturers with a complementary line of equipment that takes our total product offering to a higher level beyond generic offerings. We can provide products and services for those customers with unique needs or custom applications. For these reasons, you can look to Sigler for your total HVAC system solutions.


SmartWatt is a new kind of energy optimization company, driven to maximize the financial and human outcomes of every project we undertake. We deliver the best value approach, hold ourselves to the highest standards of transparency and accountability and optimize energy systems that stand the test of time.


Spin is North America’s leading stationless bikeshare company. We are transforming cities and campuses by offering an accessible, affordable, & environmentally friendly form of personal mobility, including bikes, electric bikes, and electric scooters. Founded in San Francisco in 2016, Spin has operations in dozens of cities and campuses around the country. Our core team is comprised of engineers, designers, operators, lawyers, and public policy makers with experience from Y Combinator, Uber, Lyft and other technology companies.

ThermAir Integrated Technologies

ThermAir Integrated Technologies is a leading provider of services in Critical Environments such as Laboratories, Life Science, and Healthcare facilities. An authorized partner with Accutrol LLC, we offer both the AccuValve airflow control valve and also VorTekG3 airflow measurement devices. The award-winning AccuValve is designed for sustainable critical environments with very low-pressure drop for energy savings and safety through true airflow measurement.  The VorTekG3 is the only digital airflow sensing and the only linear airflow measurement technology available.




Tripshot optimizes commutes through intelligent transportation solutions. We provide organizations a platform to manage the full scope of their transportation programs with real-time accuracy, dynamic reports, and key dispatch/admin operational workflows. Our current transportation offerings consist of Fixed Route, Vanpool/Carpool, On Demand, Tripshot Pay, and ELD/Asset Management.  Tripshot delivers a solution that alleviates the common challenges with transportation and allows for a more efficient and pleasant commuting experience.

VWR International



VWR is the leading, global, independent provider of product and service solutions to laboratory and production customers. With sales in excess of $4.5 billion in 2016, VWR has enabled science for more than 160 years in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, industrial, education, government and healthcare industries. VWR delivers product choice, operational excellence and differentiated services to improve our customers’ productivity and provide total solutions from research to production to custom-manufactured chemical blends.  Our team of more than 10,200 associates is focused on helping customers achieve their goals.

World Centric

World Centric® sets itself apart from the competition in the compostable products industry through our high standards, goals, and values. We not only sell high quality certified compostable products but also strive to be a model of sustainability by supporting grassroots organizations and non-profits through product and monetary donations, encouraging fair wages, ensuring proper working conditions in our manufacturing facilities, and powering our office using renewable energy.


Marketing Sponsors

PMSM Architects






Founded in 1906, PMSM Architects is one of the oldest architectural firms in California. From its roots in Santa Barbara, the firm has grown to serve all of California and established an enviable reputation for shaping and enriching our communities. The firm has evolved and grown but has always remained true to the guiding principle of the practice – Dedicated to Projects that Enrich the Community. PMSM has been honored to serve K-12 schools, higher education, healthcare, performing arts, and civic markets for over 100 years and looks forward to drawing from our legacy to create timeless environments for the future.

Nonprofit Sponsors

Antioch University Los Angeles




Antioch University Los Angeles is a progressive, learner-centered university, where individual spirit thrives. We are a community of innovators, free-thinkers, and rabble-rousers, determined to make a lasting and positive impact on the world. Our low-residency Master of Arts in Urban Sustainability Program is training the next generation of urban problem-solvers to meet the world’s dual challenges of climate change and inequality. Graduates are leading the public and private sector making positive change. AULA is a private, nonprofit, regionally accredited institution.

Fair Trade Campaigns







Fair Trade Campaigns is a powerful grassroots movement mobilizing thousands of conscious consumers and Fair Trade advocates on campuses and communities across the U.S. We are part of a global effort to normalize Fair Trade as an institutional practice and consumer preference across twenty-four countries on six continents. Fair Trade Colleges and Universities currently works with more than one hundred and twenty campuses across the U.S. to raise awareness around Fair Trade and increase purchasing of Fair Trade products on campus.

The Campus Kitchens Project




The Campus Kitchens Project builds student-run social incubators that empower young leaders nationwide to use food as a tool to make a change in the communities.