UC Santa Barbara

July 9th-12th, 2018


Comparison of Costs and Opportunities

2017 CHESC Sponsorship & Exhibitorship Prospectus
SPONSORSHIP CATEGORY    Exhibitor  Community  Green  Silver  Gold
Price    see below $4,500 $6,500 $10,000 $15,000
#Available       4 3 1
Booths and Passes:
VIP passes       1 2 3
Full conference passes     3 3 3 3
Booth attendants   2 2 3 3 4
Parking permits   2 5 7 8 10
Booth in exhibit hall   Standard Standard Standard Double Double
Booth selection   5th 4th 3rd 2nd 1st
Company Recognition:
(A) Awards reception/banquet            x
(B) Opening keynote        

 x (B, C, or D)

(C) Closing keynote           x (B, C, or D)  
(D) VIP reception          x (B, C, or D)  
(E) Choose one of: logo on lanyard, volunteer shirt, or name badges                                                    x  
(F) Choose one of: opening reception, Tues. evening reception, Wed., morn. break, or Wed. lunch          
(G) Opportunity to provide attendees with a giveaway. Sponsor pays for the item in addition to sponsorship       x    
(H) Scholarship supporter     x      
Company Advertising:
Print program: company logo as sponsor     x x x x
Print program: company name, description, weblink, logo in exhibitor section   x x x x x
Company logo, description & link on CHESC 2017 website   x x x x
Advertisement      1/4 page 1/2 page full page full page
Mobile App- Pinned, sponsored posts      1 2 3 4
Icon for your company in mobile app         x x
Gamification (passport system in print and electronically)       2x points in game 3x points in game 4x points in game
Social Media mentions on Facebook and Twitter      1/ outlet 2/ outlet 3/ outlet 4/ outlet
Email Listing of Attendees   Individual Access Individual Access Ability to send 2 bulk emails to attendees Unrestricted Unrestricted

Exhibitor Booth Rates

Booth Type Price
Standard Exhibit Booth $2,800
Interactive Exhibit Booth $2,500
Innovative Exhibit Booth $2,500
Upgrade to Double Booth $1,900

Innovative ($2,500)

This year we are offering a lower booth rate for companies that have at least one member of their company’s development team participate as booth staff. If your company is interested in talking about new technologies and services that will be available in the future (or even new versions of existing technologies), please register for this booth type. The exhibit hall map will highlight which booths are Innovative and Innovative booths will be given First Class booth selection.

Interactive ($2,500)

We are dedicated to ensuring that there is heavy traffic in the exhibit hall this year. In order to do this, we need the help of our exhibitors to make the exhibit hall a dynamic and engaging space. If you have any of the following interactive elements, you are eligible for the $2,500 rate:

  • Demonstrations of equipment/technologies
  • Complimentary on-site consultations
  • A ride and drive program
  • Serving samples of food/beverages that your company sells (this should go beyond distribution of pre-packaged goods)

Participation in the passport system and/or badge programs is not enough for a company to earn the interactive label since these are organized by the conference. We are looking for interactive activities that go beyond the standard fare. If you can think of an interactive activity not noted above, we are open to adding other options to this list. The exhibit hall map will highlight which booths are interactive.

Standard ($2,800)

If your booth does not fit into the two above categories, than your booth would be considered standard.

Advertising Rates and Add-Ons

Add-on options if not part of sponsorship or exhibitor package.
Program Advertising – Print- Full page/color 7″w x10″ $1,000
Program Advertising – Print- Half page/color 7″w x4.875 “h  $625
Program Advertising – Print- Quarter page/color 3.375″w x 4.875″h $375
Booth upgrade from standard (10 by 10ft) to double (20ft by 10ft) $1,900
Managed email listing of attendees $750
Upgrade from Booth Attendant Pass to Full Conference Pass TBD
Additional passes: Expo Only/Booth attendent TBD
Additional passes: Full Conference TBD