UC Santa Barbara

July 9th-12th, 2018

Floor Plan & Site Logistics

Booth Numbers

Booths will be assigned to sponsors first and then to exhibitors.  Within a sponsorship category, booths will be assigned based on payment date (check date or credit card payment data as appropriate).

We are currently working with the tent company to determine the tent layout. More details to come.


Floor Plan and Site Logistics

All booths will be outdoors and tented on the Chemistry Lawn, a field covered with healthy grass. Additionally, we will be offering flooring options available for a fee. A standard booth space will be 10ft by 10ft and separated by pipe and drape.


Site Logistics

The Exhibit Show will be located on a sports field of natural grass, under 1,000 ft of all buildings where core conference sessions will be held.  Coffee, lunch, and catered breaks  provided by CHESC will only be served in the exhibit show.  All booths will be in a large tent complex. A standard booth space will be 10ft by 10ft and separated by pipe and drape. 

All exhibit booths come with a power strip, up to 10kw of electricity at a booth (additional power needs will be addressed on a case by case basis), internet access, an 8ft table with linen, and two chairs. Additional furniture and lighting requests can be accommodated, though some cost may be associated with further requests. 24hr security will be provided to the show for its duration.

If you need more power than would come from a standard powerstrip or need space beyond the 10ft by 10ft footprint allotted, please let us know in advance. Depending on the extent of your needs beyond the basic booth set-up, there may be additional charges. The double booth space charge is $1,900. This will expand your booth space to 10’ by 20’ instead of 10’ by 10’.

Audio-Visual Rentals

Additional AV needs may come at an added price.


Each booth will come with one 8 ft table, a linen, and 2 chairs. Booths will be separated by pipe and drape within one large tent. Additional rental needs may come at an added price.